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After more than 30 years Advanced Radiant Systems has become leaders in the infrared heating industry. We know the importance of experience and a proven track record. We make sure that from sales to engineering, you can be confident that you are working with experts in their field.

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Made with high quality, durable materials that withstand a variety of environments. From unique parabolic reflectors to our custom accessories you will find premium materials and superb design.

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We know that efficiency is crucial when it comes to heating your space. All of our products are not only designed for energy efficiency, but cost effectiveness as well.

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From the initial assessment to engineering to final delivery and continued support; Advanced Radiant Systems will provide you with the tools and services you need. Learn more

Featured Products

    • Continuous Linerar
      Linear Condensing

      Advanced Radiant Systems’ Continuous Linear Condensing SIRIUS Range (SL/SLV) incorporates the flexibility to match any facility's diverse application requirements. Read More

    • High Intensity
      High Intensity

      Advanced Radiant Systems’ High Intensity Ranges (HD/HM and KMI) are designed to economically provide top notch performance in a direct fired radiant heater. Read More

    • Variable Output
      Modulating Unitary

      Advanced Radiant Systems’ unitary flagship is the Modulating Unitary Range (VA). The VA Range boasts the highest turn-down ratio in the industry on a unitary heater. Read More

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    • High Efficiency
      Ultra High Efficiency

      Advanced Radiant Systems’ APEX Range (AX) boasts the highest radiant output and thermal efficiency of any radiant tube heater in the world! Its pioneering design incorporates... Read More

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APEX: The Pinnacle of Radiant Heating

Advanced Radiant Systems is proud to introduce the highest efficiency, indirect fired radiant heater on the market today. The APEX Range is the pinnacle in infrared heating. It boasts the highest radiant output and thermal efficiency of any radiant tube heater in the world! Its pioneering design incorporates dual firing rates to optimize control and comfort while minimizing energy consumption. It is also the first unitary heater with flue temperatures low enough for venting with polypropylene flue material.

Other design features include twin 100% parabolic reflectors enclosed by a single canopy to ensure minimal convective heat loss. The APEX range also includes the Energy Recovery Exchanger (ERX) module to maximize thermal efficiency. The twin multi-speed fans and the two stage gas valve ensure optimal efficiency at both high and low firing rates. For energy conservation, quality and performance, the APEX range truly has no equal.