Advanced Radiant Systems’ unitary flagship is the Variable Output Range (VA). The VA Range boasts the highest turndown ratio in the industry on a unitary heater. Unlike other manufacturers’ units, the VA Range modulates both fuel and air simultaneously for a true modulation benefit. By meeting building envelop heating demands on an ongoing basis, energy consumption is minimized. Occupant comfort is also enhanced by offering a more consistent temperature output than found with single and dual stage heaters. These units are exceptionally suited for those areas in a facility with inconsistent heating demands.


The VA Range automatically adjusts air and gas to properly regulate the temperature in a given space. The direct analog signal and effective and non-proprietary controls make operation simple. The VA is not preprogrammed; it reads the room and adjusts itself accordingly. Therefore, the output of energy will be a steady stream; eliminating temperatures dips and rises. This improves thermal efficiency in excess
of 80%.