ADVANCED RADIANT SYSTEMS is a division of Hale Industries, Inc.

Advanced Radiant Systems, Inc. warranty to the original purchaser or original user that all Advanced Radiant Systems Heaters sold by it and all parts thereof are free of defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service.  The Company’s sole obligation under this warranty shall be limited to furnishing replacement parts, F.O.B. Indianapolis, Indiana, for 36 months from the date of initial installation of the heater, but not to exceed 38 months from the date of shipment by the Company for the heater, for any parts which the Company’s examination shall disclose to its satisfaction to be defective. (Please see your product's full warranty for additional information.)

Only personnel who have been trained and understand all applicable codes should undertake the installation or service. Representatives that are Factory Certified in the service and application of this equipment and can be called on for helpful suggestions about installation or service.


Our goal is to detect flaws and prevent any performance concerns during our production processes.  If there are defects which go undetected during the quality control processes, it is likely that these concerns will manifest very early in the product life cycle. Since material defects or flawed workmanship prohibit any extended normal function, it is our experience that almost all warranty faults are found in product which appear to be new – or barely used. Should you experience an issue that you feel may be caused by a defect in material or workmanship, please contact our service department for troubleshooting. 


If an item is defective and an exchange item is necessary, your receipt of the replacement part will constitute your agreement to return the original item within 15 days. If Advanced Radiant Systems does not receive the original part, you will be responsible for payment of the invoiced retail amount of the replacement item. We reserve all rights under law to collect payment for items not returned as specified. Please have model #, serial # and proof of purchase ready at the time of warranty claim.


At the time of an approved warranty claim, a RMA number will be issued. All returns must be accompanied by an RMA number for refund processing.  Please indicate the RMA number clearly on your paperwork and packaging.  Items received without a valid authorization number will be considered abandoned and no refund will be extended.


Any product sourced incorrectly is not returnable under warranty. Any changes to the original equipment not approved by the manufacturer will void the warranty.  Improper handling, lack of product maintenance, general abuse and normal wear from product usage are non-warranty matters.