Radiant Heating

Radiant heat works in the same way as the sun. Using electromagnetic waves, radiant heat warms all solid objects and surfaces on which it falls. Those objects then store and re-emit that energy throughout the space.

Advanced Radiant Systems' infrared heaters are mounted overhead where the heat is emitted by the high temp surface and directed downward to low levels by the reflectors. The radiant energy passes through the air to cooler, solid objects and individuals; creating a more comfortable, draft-free environment.

radiant heat vs convection heat

The above illustration demonstrates how heat from our systems (left) is directed downward, heating people and objects. Convection heat (right) is blown into the space only to stratify. This stratification creates large variances in temperatures between floor and roof heights resulting in wasted energy and less comfortable working conditions.


  • Keeps people comfortable at lower air temperatures

  • Quiet operation

  • Rapid heat recovery

  • Lower infiltration losses

  • Zone control

  • Stratification greatly reduced, eliminating the need for downdraft fans

  • Fuel savings often in excess of 60%!

  • Lower maintenance costs