Garage Heating

Whether you are rebuilding an engine or putting the final touches on your latest wood-working project, you want to be comfortable while you're working (or playing) in your garage. Or maybe you just want to keep your car and garage floor dry in the winter months. No matter how you use your garage, the RS Residential Heater is the perfect choice for any home garage. 

Patio Heating

Taking time to kick back outdoors is a highlight of summer enjoyment. Why not enjoy your outdoor space in the cooler months as well? Function and style come together in the sleek design of the RS Residential heater and for larger spaces the VA, modulating unitary heater may be the right choice.

The RS

Advanced Radiant Systems’ Residential Range (RS) is exactly what it sounds like; a residential grade,  unitary infrared heater. The RS is designed to optimize performance as well as aesthetics. The compact,  preassembled, unitary design and custom mounting brackets make for a simple and minimally invasive  installation. With lower output capacities, comfortable designs are easily maintained at lower hanging  heights. For the best results in any residential application the RS Range has no equal.