Whether you turn a wrench in a residential garage or a large repair shop you want to stay comfortable while you work. Maintaining a comfortable air temperature is not only good for your well-being, it also helps you work harder longer.

When it comes to heating a space that has open doors or large open spaces, some heating methods can be expensive, inefficient and ineffective. Fortunately, Advanced Radiant Systems has a range of radiant heat solutions that are designed to deliver no matter what size your space is.

Customer Comfort


Chicagoland area’s McGrath Honda’s new state of the art facility desired a service area where customers could drop off their cars without facing the harsh Windy City winters. The designers recognized the  function and efficiency infrared heat would provide. The hurdle was that the owner wanted the service area to be a neat, clean environment. The only overhead equipment in the space was the 42" screens keeping their customers up-to-date with the progress of their vehicle.

Radiant tube heaters were placed above the ceiling tiles with decorative grills to conceal the equipment. The result was a quiet system with no drafts and warm, dry floors delivering optimum comfort for their customers. The heaters also rewarded them with quick recovery from opening and closing bay doors and the lowest energy costs possible.