Green Bay Packers

When the Green Bay Packers sought a solution for their practice facility they recognized a few challenges. The expansive volume of the space made them realize that any forced air solution would result in stratification sending warm air to the roof line. Anticipated temperature difference between floor level set point of 65 degrees would exceed 90 degrees at the roof where no occupants reside. Destratification fans posed issues for maintenance as well as additional energy consumption. Obviously an extremely wasteful solution.

The decision was made to utilize gas fired infrared heating as the preferred solution. By heating the objects instead of the air the players and playing surface would be more comfortable with less drafts. A perimeter system layout was designed to create ease of maintenance. Stratification is minimized by not directly heating the air resulting in anticipated gas savings in excess of 50%. A significant savings considering the cold Wisconsin winters.

Purdue University

Purdue University is internationally known as one of the top engineering schools in the world. Advanced Radiant Systems had worked with the university engineering staff on many projects. Radiant heat was a preferred solution of the facilities engineering team and they had applied it in many of their aviation as well as agriculture facilities. When they approached Advanced Radiant Systems about a planned indoor practice facility it was a perfect match. The coaching staff wanted a system that was unobtrusive to play and very quiet so they could be heard during practices. The engineering team wanted the most energy efficient system they could find.

The energy benefit and the virtual silent operation made gas fired infrared the perfect fit. The equipment was placed within the structural steel at the roof line. Units hang as high as 90 feet and the infrared heat effectively heats the floor without wasting energy heating the air between.

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